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Doors of Old Wethersfield

January 10, 2014

Better late than never…

When I took my photo trip to Old Wethersfield back in October, I noticed the uniqueness of the doors on the old homes.  I decided I would do one of those large prints with just the doors.  Well… it took awhile, but I finally had some time to put it together.

Wethersfield Doors

Photos taken with Nikon D90; individual shots edited in LR; image assembled in PSE.


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  1. Tammy permalink

    I LOVE this! You captured pure personality…front doors really tell you something about the owner! All of these look like happy homes! Awesome collage!


  2. Katie of Black Hills Reiki permalink

    Ooh! I recognize some of those!! Great captures!


  3. I remember the doors Andy, but not those members of the band!


  4. That is tremendous. What a great project to come up with and wonderful results. The bottom right made me laugh. The door looks so tidy and neat. I can imagine the owner being very fastidious about their home, but then there is a huge pumpkin on the doorstep. Great juxtaposition. The compositions and the whole layout are spot-on too. If that were framed and in a shop, I would be tempted to buy it.


    • Thanks Ivor! I take no credit for the idea (I have seen others do similar collages). It just hit me as I was walking around the area that the colonial-era doors would be good for a project like that.


  5. Julie permalink

    Love this, Andy. It has a real feel of welcoming. You’re gutsier than I am – I feel totally awkward pointing my camera at other people’s homes!


    • Thanks Julie! It was before noon and not many folks were out yet – that helped!


  6. Doors and entries have wonderful photographic appeal as you have demonstrated here! Welcome to the challenge.


  7. Fantastic collage of doors showing the character of Wethersfield.


  8. Love the poster! Do you live near Wethersfield? I’m just a town or two away in Kensington. I’ve prolly seen some of those doors.


  9. Fun to study the variations in these entrances…each definitely has its own character. Like this traditional arrangement for these traditional doors.


  10. Zeria permalink

    each one is sharp and clear. a great collage!


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