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Lighthouses – A photo project

March 12, 2019

A combination of it being winter in New England (which keeps me inside) and having a little more time on my hands made me dive into a photo project which I’ll be publishing to this blog over the coming days.

Why lighthouses? I’m pretty sure I inherited the interest from my parents. My mom was into them (getting into the details of their lens type) and dad was a hobbyist photographer like me. So as a kid I was taken to my fair share of local lighthouses. I guess that has made them something that interests me from a photography perspective. The photos I’ll be sharing vary greatly – some are minimally-edited, others significantly enhanced to capture a specific mood or feeling.

The first few shots I have are ones I took as a teenager – shot on slide film and later scanned in. As part of this project I digital re-edited them. I’ll start with an iconic lighthouse for anyone (like me) who enjoyed many visits to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Cape Cod Light (or Highland Light) is located in Truro, MA (on the high lands of Truro, hence the name). The current brick structure dates to 1857 and at least at one point boasted the brightest light on the East Coast. This is one of my original slide photos that was scanned and edited. Because of that, this photo shows the lighthouse before it was moved in 1996. If you look closely at the bottom of the photo, you will see what looks like a sharp end to the grass. That is not an illusion – that is a cliff down to a beach and the ocean. The erosion takes up so much of the cliff that the lighthouse had to be moved to avoid falling into the ocean.

Cape Cod Light, circa 1984

Lighthouse facts from and

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