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52 in 2014 Challenge – #2: Sentimental Journey

January 12, 2014

First, I have to give credit for my inspiration for this post. Another participant in this challenge – Bobbie – gave me the inspiration with her posting for this week’s challenge.  You can see Wolfgang the Rabbit here.


This is a Mickey Mouse fire truck from the 30’s or 40’s.  Mickey is driving, and that is his head that is missing. That is Donald Duck riding in the back. This toy belonged to my father, who had apparently saved it from his childhood.  He had kept it for purely sentimental reasons, I think.  My mother (long before the days of the internet and eBay), thought it was an incredibly valuable antique and seemed to prize it for its potential value.  It wasn’t something I got to play with.  I never knew what it looked like new – but I knew it wasn’t in good shape and probably had zero value.  But Mom thought it was valuable.  Only in researching for this post did I finally see what it looked like (it is worse than I thought – check this site).  My family laughs at me, but I’ve kept it all these years because it does have sentimental value to me.

This was taken with my D90 and my 50mm 1.8 prime.  It was edited only in Lightroom, starting with the onOne Light Mocha preset.


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  1. I like the composition and processing of this sentimental toy. I also have a couple of items tucked away including the doll (missing the top of her head) that John’s grandmother had as a child.


    • It is surprising what we hold on too. My daughter (who is a senior in high school) has a favorite doll she won’t part with, but we expect the head to go anytime now.


  2. Tammy permalink

    Love the mocha colored processing…it really makes it looked that much more aged! And thanks for sharing you and your dad’s journey with Mickey and Donald…your image really tells a story!


    • The color of the truck is a really dull at this point – kind of an ash grey. The original photo needed some tinting.


  3. I had a toy Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Dinky Toy that I played to bits when I was a child that would be worth a fortune if I still had it, and if it were in mint condition. But, I had a lot more fun with it when I was young than any monetary value. I have no idea what happened to it. I like the processing of that image, onOne Perfect Photo Suite is the bees knees!


    • I didn’t use the Perfect Photo Suite for this. This was done using one of onOne’s free develop presets for Lightroom (but I do really like the Suite).


  4. Julie permalink

    I love that you’re hanging on to a sentimental piece like this. I’d love having a special toy that had belonged to one of my parents but I only have things that belonged to them as adults. I like the way you shot this with the older books as background and the processing seems perfect for the subject.


    • Thanks Julie. Those actually aren’t books behind it. They are a set of Stereopticons from World War I. Another hand-me down from my dad.


  5. It’s the stories that make things valuable, I think. I love the story that goes with this one. Glad to have nudged your mind to remember it!


  6. regularman permalink

    What a great piece for a keepsake.


  7. That was a great travelogue down the sentimental Highway!


  8. Wow so cool that you could still have something from your dad’s childhood. I love the mocha preset! Great story and great image.


  9. I have saved some of the strangest things from my childhood and im glad I did. Always good memories.


  10. This was obviously a well-loved and played with toy…so nice that it served its purpose actually being played with and not sitting untouched on a shelf. I have the head to a well-loved doll along with a whole bin full of hand-sewn (by Mom) doll clothes, many of which were made from scraps of fabric from our clothing…they are treasured.


  11. great sentimental example. I was inspired by Bobbie to but I’m not as fast showing my result…. might show up some day though


  12. Great composition! I love the antique color and the old books as a backdrop. A real treasure.


  13. Lovely idea for the sentimental shot! Well thought out and shot


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