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Lighthouses – The rest

Through my prior posts, I have exhausted my supply of good lighthouse photos, so I this will be my last post on the topic. I’m closing with some of the “also-ran” photos from my collection.

Stage Harbor Light, Chatham, MA
Ram Light, Portland, ME
Portsmouth Harbor Light, New Castle, NH
Whaleback Lighthouse, Portland, ME
George’s Island, Halifax, NS, Canada

Old Lighthouse Museum

The lighthouse in Stonington, CT is notable for its one-piece all-stone construction. Built in 1840, it was only used until 1889 when it was replaced by beacons on the harbor breakwaters. It was used by the beacon keepers until 1909, at which point it was vacant until 1925. The Stonington Historical Society purchased it that year, opening it as a museum in 1927. According to their website (1), it was the first lighthouse museum in the U.S. The museum is open to this day.


Black Head Light

I saw this lighthouse in passing while on a bus tour in The Burren in County Clare, Ireland. Despite moving along at a good pace I was able to get a decent shot. Only in researching for this post did I find the name of it (1).


Castillo San Felipe del Morro Lighthouse

I could probably write several blog posts about Castillo San Felipe Del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but since I’ve been focused on lighthouses I will restrict this post to just that. Also known as Faro de Morro Port San Juan Light according to Wikipedia(1), the lighthouse that sits atop the fortress was constructed in 1908, replacing the previous one that was demolished two years earlier. The light was automated in 1962 and is now open for tours. (2)

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Quaco Head Lighthouse

Located in St Martins, Saint John, New Brunswick, Quaco Head Lighthouse overlooks the spectacular Bay of Fundy. The current structure is a baby compared to many of the others I have posted on – it was built in 1966, replacing the prior lighthouse (which had replaced one before that).

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