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October 14, 2013

So apparently, the big trade item back in 1700’s Wethersfield was the red onion. According to an article in Yankee Magazine (August 1993):

“In those days, you could smell Wethersfield before you could see it. Outsiders dubbed the Connecticut village “Oniontown,” with a crosshatch of affection and derision, for this was home of the world-famous Wethersfield red onion, and its pungent scent stung the air. Wethersfield lies in the heart of the Connecticut River valley, and her floodplains released an exuberant harvest.”

This was one of the major exports from Wethersfield and the Cove. It is no longer an agricultural product here, having fallen to a blight called pinkroot during the Civil War era (according to the same Yankee Magazine article).

At the Cove, one of the original warehouses stands (the others having been carried off by one or more floods).  The remaining one is part of the Wethersfield Historical Society and can be toured when open (it  was closed while I was there).



Both images were three-image HDR’s merged using LR/Enfused. The top photo was processed in  Topaz Adjust and Lightroom, the bottom one only in Lightroom.


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