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Castles and Churches

December 16, 2018

Castles and churches seem to be a couple of the favorite places my wife and I visit when traveling. It seems like no matter where we are, we find one or the other to visit. We are especially impressed with the ones in Europe as they are so steeped in history and date so much farther back than architecture here in the U.S. Of course, I also love the photographic opportunities they present.

I’m often guilty of taking the “I was there” picture – the same photo so many others have taken but that seem obligatory when you are there. However, aside from being an establishing shot, I found another use for them.  My wife was saying that we should get some new coasters, and my first thought was “I bet I could make some!”. I’ve been playing around with textures this past year and this seemed like an opportunity to do something more than just play around. Take some “I was there shots” of some neat architecture, add some texture and other edits (mostly in On1 and PS) and voilà! So below I present the four images I used to make the coasters – and the end product from Shutterfly turned out very close to the original look with a very nice matte finish.


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