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The Battle of Franklin

September 14, 2016

Franklin, Tennessee lies a few miles south of Nashville and was the site of the 1864 Battle of Franklin during the American Civil War. Although probably not well known to those only casually familiar with the Civil War, it was a significant battle that spelled the end of the Army of Tennessee and ended any hope of the Confederacy taking pressure of General Lee’s army in Virginia.


What makes Franklin worth a visit is three homes that were very closely connected with the battle and are today open to the public. All of them feature something that is sadly missing at many historical sites – knowledgeable guides who are passionate about their history.

Carnton Plantation was used as a field hospital for the Confederacy and you call still see the stains on the floor from the blood.  Some of its land became a cemetery for the Confederacy.

The Carter House was a farm whose residents found themselves at the center of the Union lines on the morning of the battle. Tragically, one of the sons of the owner was mortally wounded within feet of his home while fighting for the Confederates.  A couple of the pictures below show the bullet damage on the building.

The Lotz House was across the street from the Carter House and was significantly damaged in the battle (while its residents took cover in the basement of the Carter House).



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