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New Forum – Photoshop Elements & More

April 26, 2015

My blog has been woefully neglected for the past couple of months, as has my photography and editing in general.  Part of this was the announcement of the closing of the Elements Village forum.  I have been a longstanding member of the forum and I credit it for really getting me into digital editing and back into photography.  It is hard to list everything I learned from that forum and its members.

Unfortunately, time and technology took its toll on the site. The hosting infrastructure was aging and needed too much time and money to refresh. The site was a branch of the Photo Elements User magazine, which has been forced to go all-digital, largely for financial reasons. So Elements Village will shutdown about May 15.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of many of its existing members, a new forum has been created: Photoshop Elements & More.  Evaluating different forum platforms and then configuring this one has been a big consumer of my discretionary time, and until it settles down will continue to be.  However, it has been very exciting and I look forward to it being “in production”.  It is a fresh start but owes much to the Elements Village forum, including many of its membership.  I hope it will be a successful endeavor and thrives in this age of so many competing websites.


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  1. Many thanks for all the hard work you have been doing to make this transition possible. Hopefully you will soon have time to resume the challenge.


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