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Dinner at the Salem Cross Inn

January 18, 2015

Friends of ours invited us to the Fireplace Feast at the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA.  It is a Colonial America 1700’s style feast prepared on an open fire and complete with mulled wine and cider and a wagon ride. The main course consists of prime rib cooked using a roasting jack. A large weight slowly descends to the floor, turning the jack via a rope and a series of pulleys. According to the Inn’s website, it is the only authentic roasting jack still known to be operating in the United States. After the prime rib is done, seafood chowder is cooked in a large cauldron. While those are being cooked, apples are peeled for the apple pie.  For anyone in the New England area, I highly recommend a visit!

Salem Cross Inn-1

This shows the weight and the system used to turn the roasting jack. Sony DSC-RX100, edited in LR and onOne Perfect Suite


Salem Cross Inn-2

The prime rib being slow cooked. Sony DSC-RX100, edited in LR and onOne Perfect Suite


Salem Cross Inn2

Apples being prepared for the apple pie. Edited in LR.



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  1. If you can hear strange rumbling and grumbling, don’t be alarmed it’s only my stomach wishing it was somewhere close to where this banquet takes place. I really love how you’ve presented those apples, at least apple pie is doable in my kitchen.


  2. Is that the fire where they Used to Burn the Witches that populated that area in the past?


    • Just to confuse folks, the Salem Cross Inn is probably 45 min away from Salem (and they didn’t burn any witches up there). They hung most of them – and for one the lovely death by pressing.


  3. Beautifully presented series of photos. Sure wish we were close enough to enjoy that feast.


  4. Such a lovely place. Food looks scrumptious and great photos too.


  5. Tammy permalink

    Oh wow, what a cool place…wish we had something like that around here! Awesome pics showing off the atmosphere of the place!


  6. We had dinner there years ago. I still remember the beef roasting on the spit over the fire. We were there in the winter; the beef was awesome.

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