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Montreal Tramways #4

January 6, 2015

This is Montreal Tramways open observation car No. 4, built in 1924.  From what I can find on the internet, there were four of these cars – two built in the early 1900’s and No.’s 3 and 4 built in 1924 – and they were quite popular. All four were part of the Montreal Tramway system and ran various routes in the city, including up Mt. Royal. The tramways in Montreal started shutting down in the late 50’s, with the four observation cars withdrawn in 1958.  It must have been pretty special to ride on these while they were in service.

Originally intended to remain in Canada, the collector who purchased it had his collection seized for non-payment of taxes. The CT Electric Railway Association purchased it from the Canadian Federal Tax Court in 1967. She has now served more years in service at the Connecticut Trolley Museum than she did in Montreal, being used to take visitors along the 3 mile track the museum maintains.  For the hardy, she is also run during the Museum’s Winterfest through a tunnel of lights.  All four observations cars remain museum pieces.

This is an older photo that I cleaned up in Elements and then ran through Topaz Impression (you need to view it full size to appreciate the Topaz Impression effect).

Canon Powershot 800IS Edited in PSE and Topaz Impression

Canon Powershot 800IS
Edited in PSE and Topaz Impression


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  1. I just love this post. Well done.



  2. I like the finishing effects and the crisp colors.


  3. Tammy permalink

    Nice work with Topaz…love the added textures from the painted effect!

    Makes me wonder how much a collector pays for a car like this?


  4. Love the processing of this unique rail car.


  5. I love the romantic impressionistic feel of your photo, what a fascinating subject to practice it on, like it a lot.


    • I’m a bit of a romantic for old streetcars and railways. Such a nice way to travel.


  6. Great story and the way you processed the photo makes it really stand out.


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