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Join the Challenge!

November 21, 2014

Join the Challenge!

The Element Village forum is doing their yearly photo challenges again in 2015: 52 in 2015 and 365 in 2015.

All the information is in this post:

I did the 52 in 2014 challenge last year, and it was my first one.  I’m a little behind, but hoping to complete by year’s end.  It’s fun and it keeps me practicing – shooting and editing (and posting on this blog). This year, I have created the list of themes for both challenges.  I drew inspiration for the 365 challenge from Ivor, who used songs as themes for the 52 and 365 challenges this year. The themes for the 52 challenge are drawn from the wonderful images posted by the EV members.  There are also a few mini-challenges (1 per month) for folks who want an easy challenge.

It is a really low pressure challenge – we don’t have anyone enforcing compliance to the themes or criticizing interpretations.  It is all about fun and practice.  Take a look and join up!

I’ll also plug the wonder EV forum –  I joined in 2010 and I really credit the forum and its members with helping me learn Photoshop Elements, and turn me on to Lightroom, onOne Photo Essentials (now Perfect Suite) and Topaz plug-ins.  It is a really helpful and friendly forum.

  1. Wow now you have put the THEME Police out of work, aren’t you worried that they may play Havoc elsewhere??? LoL


  2. Great job on putting all the themes together! Thanks, see you in 2015!


  3. Thanks for putting the themes together for next year . . . we will stretch them to the limit.


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