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52 in 2014: #44- The Wanderer

November 9, 2014

I had the opportunity recently to stay at Walt Disney World, in one of their on property hotels.  I’ve stayed on their property before, but never at one of the hotels that was within walking distance of the parks.  I went wandering around one night and found myself at the front entrance to Hollywood Studios.

I was shooting handheld with my Sony DSC- RX 100.  The originals lacked contrast and the lack of colors in the shots made them a little flat.  I played around in Lightroom and liked the contrast that the black and white processing brought.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios 2


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  1. Julie permalink

    Great contrast in these black and whites. And perfect choice for black and white given the sort of art deco design features. I like seeing the detail up close in the second image too.


    • Thanks Julie. I’ve played around with this some more trying to cut down the noise and make some other enhancement. I’m not sure they would show posting back online though.


  2. I always thought of Disney as the Land of Colour. If it’s that drab I’ll cross it off my bucket list!


    • It has a different look when you are prowling around at night instead of being there when it is open.


  3. Great contrasting tones in the black and white.


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