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Arsenic and Old Lace

October 25, 2014

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I love Old Wethersfield, a historical section in the town of Wethersfield, CT. My wife and went there this past weekend for a historical lantern tour through the old cemetery (no pictures from that, I’m afraid. Much too dark.). The tour was themed along with a new exhibit at the Wethersfield Historical Society about the Wethersfield State Prison.  Much to my surprise, the beautiful Wethersfield Cove area (you can see my postings here) was once the location of a state prison.  It was there between 1827 and 1963, before being largely torn down.  Part of the facility became the headquarters for the Department of Motor Vehicles (there’s a joke in there somewhere). Much of it became the land for Cove Park, which I have visited several times and never knew its history.

Notable prisoners who stayed there (courtesy of our lantern tour and the Wikipedia page):

The exhibition houses an original prison cell from the women’s section:


Sony DSC RX-100 Edited in LR and onOne Perfect Suite


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  1. Julie permalink

    Fantastic image. It shows just enough to give a sense of the place but without showing unnecessary detail. I love how you captured the shadows and think your choice to process in black and white was perfect. Very well seen. Very well processed. My kind of shot.


  2. Love the shadow patterns and your choice of cropping and processing.


    • Thanks! I had the vision when I shot it – I’m glad it ended up coming out the way I saw it.


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