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Impressions of Impression

September 25, 2014

I’ve used a number of the Topaz plug-ins for a while now, and when they introduce a new one I always try them out.  They just introduced Impression and – I’m impressed! I’ve not done anything close to an exhaustive test – just played around a bit.  I really like the results just using the built-in presets.  Like many filters, it seems to works better on some photos than others. What I am incredibly impressed with is the speed of rendering.  Compared to artistic filters in Photoshop Elements or a tool like FotoSketcher – it’s just blindingly fast!  (Note that I do have a powerful systems with dedicated graphics card, so your results may vary).

The downsides I’ve seen so far (not too surprising for a 1.0 release):

– No integration with their Fusion or FX Lab product

– Some minor irritations with the interface (selecting textures seems a bit too cumbersome, for example). It also doesn’t align fully with the standard interface the other Topaz products have been moving to.

This is one of my first attempts (the results view better at full size, so click on the image to get the full effect).


Nikon D90, 18-200 lens Edited in LR, PSE, and Topaz Impressions

Like all Topaz plug-ins, you can download the free trial and try it out.  I also like Topaz Lab’s policy of providing free updates once you have purchased the program.

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  1. Really like your first Topaz Impressions example. Like you have also started to play around a little, but am still on the fence as to whether I will purchase this plug-in.


  2. Wonderful painterly image.


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