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52 in 2014 Challenge: #33: Still Crazy After All These Years

September 13, 2014

These are photos of a new sculpture that debuted at Bushnell Park in Hartford on September 3rd. It was sponsored by the Raise the Caliber foundation, a national advocacy group to reduce gun violence.  The two-thousand pound piece was done by artist Michael Kalish, using firearms obtained through buyback programs in New Jersey. The foundation is run by Jessica Mindich, who also started the Jewelry for a Cause business, which turns firearms into jewelry.

The full article from the Hartford Courant can be read here and the blog of the Raise the Caliber foundation can be read here. The sculpture will be in Hartford until the end of the year, before it moves to Detroit and then on to other parts of the country.

Still Crazy After All These Years-2

Still Crazy After All These Years-1

Still Crazy After All These Years-3


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  1. I really like the up close look at this unique sculpture.


    • Thanks! It was a bit tough because I was there at a really bad time – early afternoon and the light was very harsh.


  2. Julie permalink

    Fascinating and a bit chilling. Glad you provided the background info or I would have been mightily puzzled. I also like that you showed us three views at different distances.


  3. Terrific Handshake on a Pact to disarm – Sooo Necessary


  4. Clever and meaningful idea for this sculpture. I like that you have shown people viewing it in the first one so that I have an idea as to the scale of it. Every community should have a copy made from its own collected firearms…maybe along with a plaque that lists those innocents who’ve died as a result of firearms.


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