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Boothe Memorial Park

August 14, 2014

What happens when you have eclectic tastes, a bit too much money, and a large property? You get the Boothe Homestead in Stratford.


Two brothers, David Beach Boothe and Stephen Nichols Boothe started collecting and building on their family property in 1913 and kept going until the late 1930’s/early 1940’s. The property was willed to the Town of Stratford in 1949 and you can read the full history here

These are some shots I captured from a recent visit (bad planning resulted in us going on a day the building were closed, so we couldn’t go inside).

This is the Clocktower Museum, built in 1913 to celebrate 250 years of the Booth Homestead.

Boothe Memorial

Nikon D90, 18-200 lens Processed in LR

This shot shows (from L-R) the Clocktower Museum, the Blacksmith Shop, and an unnamed building. The Blacksmith Shop was built to challenge Henry Ford’s shop in Michigan.  It has forty-four sides and corners (as compared to the standard four on Henry Ford’s shop).

Boothe Memorial 2-2

Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens Edited in LR

Boothe Memorial 2-1

Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens Edited in LR

The Redwood Building, so named because it is made of California Redwood.  It used horizontal 4′ x 6′ timbers, galvanized dowels instead of nails, and glass block in place of windows.

Not from the Boothe brothers collection, this one was added by park supporters in 1988.  It is one of the last tollbooths from the Merritt Parkway (Connecticut removed all its tollbooths).

Boothe Memorial 2-3

Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens Edited in LR

For more information:

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  1. Unique concepts in building.


  2. Julie permalink

    Really interesting, Andy. I’m glad your photos are clickable to show larger versions. It’s well worth it to see the details in those cool buildings. Thanks for sharing the links too!


  3. May have been poor planning on your part (in regard to seeing the interior) but your planned image with the sunflare really catches my eye! Love it!


    • Glad you like that! I did spend a bit of time trying to get that (not sure my wife was too happy with that!)


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