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Reflections of NYC

August 10, 2014

It has been a busy and travel-filled summer for me.  Mostly local day trips, but a lot of interesting sights and activities, and a lot of photo opportunities.  The downside of that is I haven’t had much time to process my photos and post to the blog!  There may be a bunch of posts coming in the following weeks!

This collection of photos were taken on a trip to NYC back in June. It was a beautiful early summer day, and the lighting made for some very interesting reflections in the many glass covered skyscrapers of Midtown.  I knew I wanted to process them and put together a collection of them, and it took me until just now to do that.  I processed them in color, but I liked the results better with the B&W conversion.

These were all taken with my Nikon D90, with my 18-200 lens.  I processed them in Lightroom, and did the black and white conversion using onOne Perfect B&W.

Reflections of NYC-5

Reflections of NYC-4

Reflections of NYC-3Reflections of NYC-2


Reflections of NYC

Reflections of NYC-1


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  1. Gee NYC is a dull place! I was expecting at least a bit of colour, ah wel,l America Dull One Day – Boring the Next! LoL


  2. Julie permalink

    I really like this collection, Andy. And your B&W conversions are really nice. Of these, my favorite is the third from bottom (reflections of nyc 2). The way you’ve lined up the building and reflection really tricks the eye.


    • Thanks Julie! I wish I could take credit for what you see as lining up the building. I don’t think I was thinking that at the time.


  3. Fabulous series! The black and white works well to emphasize the reflections and repeating patterns.


  4. A great series. Especially like the buildings with the distorted reflections.


  5. I’m usually not big on B/W’s but these are really nicely done and seem to fit your subject well!


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