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52 in 2014 Challenge: #26: Hurt

July 4, 2014

“…The needle tears a hole…”

The Garment District (or Garment Center, or Fashion District) is a neighborhood in Manhattan.  It was once the center of the clothing industry in the US, but like many domestic industries, it has been hurt by cheaper overseas labor.  According to the website for Save The Garment Center:  ” In 1960, 95% of clothing sold in the U.S. was manufactured in the Garment Center, now that number has decreased to approximately 3%. Despite this drastic decline, there are still 846 fashion companies headquartered in New York City, which is more than London, Paris, and Milan combined. New York City is the fashion capital of the world, and the Garment Center continues to make that possible.”

The Information Kiosk for the district ( located at the NE corner of 39th and 7th) has the very distinctive rooftop sculpture I photographed below.  The Garment District Alliance website provides the following details:

“The Kiosk, including its distinctive rooftop sculpture, was designed by Pentagram Design, based upon the Garment District’s trademarked “button” logo, also created by Pentagram Design (the button holes form the letter “F”, for fashion). The button, which weighs more than 2,000 pounds, was made from foam-filled fiberglass at a scale 180 times that of a regular dress shirt button. Its diameter is 14 feet with an eight inch thick center and an edge of approximately two feet thick. The stainless steel needle supporting it is 31 feet long and is also built to scale. The button is mounted on the roof of the Information Kiosk at a 38 degree angle with the needle piercing a two by three foot copper “fabric” (which serves as a seat) before being bolted to the ground.”


Sony DSC-RX 100 Edited in LR


Sony DSC-RX 100 Edited in LR

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  1. A stitch in time saves NINE!


  2. Interesting information about the garment district and its sculpture.


  3. Stunning 2nd photo. Your posts are always so cohesive and informative!


  4. Thank you for your history of the Garment District. I’m an ex-patriate New Yorker, and I’ve never seen that sculpture.


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