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A hearty “Thank You” to my followers

June 9, 2014

No photo in this post, just me saying “Thank You”!

WordPress notified me the other day that I had reached my 1 year anniversary, which was just after I had made my 100th post. This was my first blog, and I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting into when I started. I did it primarily as a way to push me to get out and take more pictures, and it has done that. What I hadn’t anticipated was that I would actually have a few people following my blog and commenting. To those of you who regularly follow my blog and like my posts or comment – I really do appreciate it.  Thank you!!!  I never expected it and knowing that I have a few people reading and viewing really does help me to take more photos and post more frequently.

I’ve learned a lot in a year, in no particular order:

  • I’ve learned how to use WordPress both to publish my blog and to follow other
  • You really have to be diligent to post regularly.  It isn’t easy!
  • It is even harder to publish really compelling content.  I’ve not come close to this, and it makes me appreciate those in the blogosphere that do it regularly.
  • I’ve got a long way to go in learning photography, and I’m humbled by so many of you that take such great photos.
  • I won’t randomly like people’s posts or follow their blog just to increase my stats.  It isn’t what I’m about or what this blog is about.
  • The 52 in 365 challenge is fun, but can be hard!
  • Zemanta could use some improvements.  My use of “hearty” in this title made it suggest a bunch of recipe-related blog posts.

Keep watching this space as I feel that having made it through 1 year, I’m on a roll!


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  1. First off, Thanks for not JUST liking but actually commenting when you are moved THAT is important to me too! Great first year in my opinion and I for one will keep on looking (and commenting when so moved)


    • Thanks Ron! I do try to strike a balance between “liking” and “commenting”. Sometimes I don’t feel like I have a good comment, and so I will just “like” a post. You can be sure I never “like” a post unless I really do like it.


  2. Congratulations on completing your first year blogging. John and I agree that blogging is a wonderful way to get us out taking photos that we normally would not have thought to take. Meeting fellow photo bloggers is an added delight, and a great way to learn about photography.


    • Thanks Lois! I really do enjoy following the photos and everyday adventures of folks! I really appreciate the time you take to make comments!


  3. Julie permalink

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog, Andy, and particularly your posts that have a bit of an historical twist. Kudos to you for taking this on and in a thoughtful way.

    My thought on following for the sake of being followed (or commenting simply for the sake of return comments) is that it sucks the lifeblood out of blogging.


    • Thanks Julie! I’m trying and have a long way to go. I agree with your sentiment regarding following for the sake of being followed.


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