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52 in 2014 Challenge: #22: So Far Away (Can you guess where it is?)

May 30, 2014

So I’m trying to keep up with the 52 in 365 challenge (I know I have to have 26 posts by the end of June), and I’m thinking a shot from an airplane would make a good capture for “So Far Away”.  This was a business trip, and I was limited to shooting with my iPhone.  There was a lot of haze and bright sun, and the windows on the plane have a polarizing filter on them. I had a few with an ok composition, but overall lousy lighting and color. Time to get creative!  Since it was an aerial shot, I thought I would go for a vintage aerial reconnaissance look and have some fun (and go for “far away” in both space and time).  This was done in onOne Perfect Suite 8, Elements, and LR.  I converted to B&W in onOne (using Ansel in the Valley), tweaked that slightly, added a texture, then brought it into PSE to add the text.  I then softened it a bit by lowering the clarity in LR.

Can you tell me where it is?


iPhone 5 Processed in onOne Suite 8, Elements, and LR

From → Photography

  1. Julie permalink

    That’s so cool! That would be New York City with Riker’s Island, La Guardia Airport, and Shea Stadium marked.


    • That’s exactly right, Julie! How did you guess?


      • Julie permalink

        Well, I could think of only two island prisons and knew it wasn’t Alcatraz. My husband took a look and thought maybe NYC. I compared your shot to Google Maps and voila!


  2. I have no idea where it is.


  3. Love the processing.


  4. NYC! Love the scratched, photo-from-the-shoebox feeling of it.


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