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52 in 2014 Challenge – #14: Steam Heat

April 2, 2014

The weather here has continued to be terrible.  I managed to slip out between rain showers this weekend to take some photos of the Hockanum River pouring over the Scotland Rd. dam. That is the first photo. The second is of a factory across the river and that just happened to fit the theme.



Nikon D-90, 18-200 lens Edited in LR




Nikon D-90, 18-200 lens Edited in LR, Topaz Clarity, ReStyle and Detail



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  1. The top photo is so full of the power the release of water in the spring–B&W amplifies it.


  2. I can feel the forceful roar of the water over the dam. The steam rising in the second moves the eye through the image.


  3. Tammy permalink

    Both are fantastic images…really love the first one and how the black and white brings out the movement of the water!


  4. Isn’t it amazing how powerful the rivers are when winter finally lets go? The choice of B&W on the top one shows off the foam on the surface.


  5. Thanks all!


  6. Had you not ventured out this would have been a missed moment, great shots. Brings back memories of the city I grew up in with factories all along the river.


  7. Are you having flooding then, or is this a normal spring flow?


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