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52 in 2014 Challenge – #7: Superstition

February 5, 2014

I struggled with this week’s theme.  This one (admittedly a bit of a stretch) came to me today while I was clearing the 8-10″ of snow we received today.

Almost 10 years ago, after some bad winters, I finally broke down and bought a snowblower.  Maybe not superstitious, but at the time I thought that having a good, working snowblower was a sure-fire way of guaranteeing I wouldn’t get enough snow to justify the purchase. Well, since then, we have had the top three largest single snowfalls in the Hartford area. So much for that idea!  However, my snowblower has been a champ and gotten me through these storms and I’m very glad I bought it!

Top Snowstorm Records (in Hartford)
January 12, 2011 – 24.0″
February 8-9, 2013 – 22.3″
February 12, 2006 – 21.9″

(courtesy of

This was a quick shot I took after I finished..  It was getting dark and starting to snow again, so I settled for a quick few shots.  I played around with it in onOne, using dynamic contrast and lens blur effects.


Nikon D90, processed in LR and onOne


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  1. Only a blowhard spruicking his own glory! Lol


  2. This has been a long, cold and snowy winter. Your snow blower is really earning its keep.


    • It really is working hard. The auger belt needs to be replaced, but I’m doing my best to nurse it along until I can change it in the spring!


  3. Karen Brockney permalink

    I’m nearby in Massachusetts, just digging out from yesterday’s storm. I love the lens blur effect on the snowblower! Makes it look like a superhero – which it is in our weather.


  4. Here in PA, we haven’t had as much snow, but I wouldn’t be without my snowblower.


    • I’ve heard from colleagues in NJ there has been quite a bit of snow and ice in the NJ/PA area, but it must not be near you.


  5. Tammy permalink

    Fun results with your processing! Here in Omaha, we had our first measurable snow…usually we are buried most of the winter. I have a feeling our snow is going to you guys…you can keep it! 🙂


  6. Nice job! As Karen said we are still digging out here in MA and I hope there is no more in our immediate future!


  7. Jacki permalink

    Men and their big boy toys, honestly! LOL next thing you know, you’ll be entered in a competition to see who can move the most snow…


  8. Great sense of motion! It exactly a year ago that wewere watching our Mazda getting buried. Seems we are neighbors–I live in Kensington/Berlin. Where are you?


  9. Yes, nice effect with this photo…. I’ve had enough snow here in NJ as well!


  10. I like the stretch!!!!


  11. Great way to make a normal object look really interesting!


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