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Another shot from the cemetery – with a little Simplify

November 6, 2013

Veterans Day 1-1

Another shot from the Hillside Cemetery. Processed in LR, then taken in PSE and edited with Topaz Simplify.

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  1. Love the warmth of the autumnal colors contrasting with the stark grey head stones.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!


    • Hey Andy, Do you know the settings in Simplify that you used for this?


      • I used one setting for the sky, and then another setting for the rest of the photo (I used layer masks in PSE to combine them). I didn’t record the settings I used, but I think my Last Used Settings are the ones I used for the non-sky portion of the photo:
        Simplify Size- .09
        Details Strength – .39
        Detail Boost – 1
        Details Size – .2
        Remove Small and Remove Weak – 0
        Brightness .01
        Contrast 1.08
        Saturation 1.31
        Saturation Boost 1.15
        Dynamics – 0
        Structure and Structure Boost – 1
        Simplify Edge .3
        Reduce Weak – 10
        Reduce Small – .2

        I think for the sky I played a bit with the Structure and Structure Boost settings a bit.


  3. Beautiful!


  4. Thanks for stopping by and for all the great feedback! I appreciate it!


  5. I like the way you have pulled all the elements of this scene together, the colours and the angles, with sunshine and shadows all contribute to a very pleasant scene and thought provoking scene.


  6. Julie permalink

    This is beautiful, Andy.


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