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1934 Chevy 3 Window Coupe

October 21, 2013

I’m really not a car fanatic.  I don’t pay much attention to new cars, and my own car is cheap and practical.  Ask me about computers, and I can go into exhaustive detail. Ask me about cars and I’m out of my league pretty fast. But I love the look of old cars. I go to these cars shows and love taking pictures, and I have to admit to thinking about trying to own one. Then the practical side kicks in and I quickly dismiss it (besides, I could buy a lot of photo and computer gear for the cost of buying and owning a classic!).

This was taken at a car show in Wethersfield.  I combined a 3-shot bracketed exposure using LR/Enfuse, then finished it off in LR.

1934 Chevy 3 Window Coupe


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  1. You could haul a lot of computer and photographic equipment in that classics matching trailer.


  2. I wonder if in 80 years time they will have the latest Ford Galaxy or Toyota Prius on display for people to photograph. Somehow I doubt it as they still will not have the same aesthetics then as that Chevy still does now, and they will never make as good a picture as this one..


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