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Things I probably never would have known until I started this blog….

October 16, 2013

– Its not a clam, its a mussel

– There are numerous types of freshwater mussels in Connecticut

– One of my favorite Squeeze songs has a meaning I never thought about


I took this shot during my recent photo trip to Old Wethersfield.  It was taken along the banks of the Connecticut River. I was surprised to see what looked to be a large clamshell.  I’ve seen shells this size along the ocean, but never along  a river. So in researching this posting, I turned to the usual first source of information – Google (“Connecticut River Clam”).  Ok – so it is a mussel, not a clam.  Learned something new.  Turns out there are quite a few varieties and from this picture I can’t tell what kind it is (to be fair, I didn’t look that hard).  While doing that, I started hearing the song Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) – for those of you that remember the band Squeeze and the 80’s. I’ll leave it to readers to do a search on  the meaning of that.  I’m still not getting the whole “… Maid Marion on her tiptoed feet…”, but anyway.

  • Flooding (
  • Oniontown (

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  1. Neat photo . . . and I also learned something new 🙂


  2. We have some delicious mussels in the sea here, but I don’t know if fresh water mussels would make good eating. Fresh water mussels were common place in the UK, especially in Scotland which once had over half of the worlds population. But there has been some large scale poaching of them, I think for the pearls, and they are now listed as an endangered species and protected by law.


  3. p.s. I remember Squeeze. Jools Holland is still quite big here in the UK.


    • I still love the music and the bands from the 80’s. A number of them are still going and turning out some good music.


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