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Trying out HDR

July 30, 2013

I’ve been playing around (really not seriously) with HDR.  I don’t own a decent tripod, so I broke what appears to be rule 1 – use a tripod.  My second problem what not knowing my camera well enough.  I knew how to do bracketed exposures, but (embarrassingly) didn’t realize I could change the stops.  Needless to say, my first attempts were quite bad.  Once I figured out the bracketing (I actually had to RTM), the results were a little better.  Below is the first shot that I’m genuinely happy with. This is the result of much trial-and-error, with many thanks to members of the ElementsVillage forum for helping me out tremendously (you can read the whole thread here).

This was a three-shot photo blended using the LR/Enfuse plug-in for Lightroom. Initial edits were done in LR.  I then took it into PSE, removed a few overhead wires that were in the way, applied Topaz Adjust, did some dodging and burning, then applied the border with Topaz B&W Effects.  Final edits were made in LR.

The building is an old forge shop that used to be used on the New Haven Railway.  It is now part of the Danbury Railway Museum.


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  1. Very nice results. I like the depth and color that the HDR gives to the image.


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