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Should I be happy with this shot?

July 5, 2013

As part of our trip to the Berkshires to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum, we also visited The Mount, the home of Edith Wharton.  It is a beautiful home with some very nice gardens, and her history is rather interesting.

The layout of the home and grounds makes for a very obvious photo opportunity. This is my version of it, and the conditions were quite favorable. The gardens were in bloom, the grounds were green, there were very few people around (I did have to clone out a couple of people in the distance), and the sky wasn’t too bright and had some interesting clouds. But should I be happy with it?  It isn’t unique by any means.  I took the shot technically correct, but didn’t add my own take on it. I simply duplicated a shot many others have taken before. So I’m not sure I should be satisfied.  I think I should be striving to be more creative and look for the non-obvious shots.

What do you think?

The Mount

The Mount
LR and PSE edits


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  1. Having recently visited the Mount, I can understand your difficulty. The formal layout of the grounds around the house invites using its perspectives in just this way. . . . I took many pictures inside and out while I was there, and all my favorites have people in them. . . . It also helps to get off the paths–and perhaps to visit at the very beginning or end of the day. . . . .

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