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Depth of Field

July 4, 2013

Michael Attanasio posted a good article on his blog about Depth of Field, and offered to see the work of others and, if asked, provide a critique.  So I’m posting this shot I took during my New England Air Museum visit of one of the aircraft engines that are on display. This was taken at 1/100, f2.5.

Depth of Field - Aircraft Engine

Depth of Field – Aircraft Engine
LR edits



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  1. Great example of shallow depth of field.


  2. Hey Andy, thanks for the shout out and having interest in my DOF post. Your photo is also a perfect example of a fairly shallow DOF. You have a perfect subject to work on the technical aspect of photography. Did you go out and shoot this after reading my post or did you have it in your archives? Just curious, either way it’s great. Is this an engine of some sort? Thanks for checking out my blog!


    • Hi Mike – Thanks for stopping by. I shot this about a week before I saw you post, but didn’t do anything with it. I had taken some where I was specifically going for the shallow depth of field. When I saw your post, I remembered the shots I took, went back and reviewed them, and then processed in LR the one I liked the best.

      It is an aircraft engine of some kind (it was taken at the New England Air Museum).


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