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June 29, 2013

I’m a little slow in getting to this post, but it was one of those weeks.

My second excursion last week was to the New England Air Museum, and specifically a special event they were having.  The “star” of this event was the restored B-25J Mitchell Bomber, known as Panchito.  You can read its story here.

One of the earliest movies I remember seeing in the theater was Midway.  The opening scenes focused on the Doolittle Raid, and the theater was equipped with full surround sound.  I can remember being awed by the sound of the B-25’s taking off from the deck of the U.S.S. Hornet (or at least the Hollywood-created sound). So it was pretty thrilling for me to be on the tarmac as Panchito started her engines and taxied for a takeoff (for about $500 you can get a 30-min ride).  I was happy to be able to get  a shot of the smoke coming out as the engines started up, and then hear and feel the engines.

Restored B-25J Panchito starts her engines

Restored B-25J Panchito starts her engines
LR, Topaz Clarity and Detail

Another view of Panchito

Another view of Panchito
LR edits


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  1. Nice capture of the plane readying for takeoff.


  2. Julie permalink

    Those are really cool shots. I like both but the exhaust coming out of the plane in the first image makes it really alive.


    • Thanks Julie – I’m really glad they let us stay on the tarmac so I could get the shot!


  3. Andy
    Just checking out your great airplanes shots when I noticed the Army biplane. Check out my recent photo,


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