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Post Nubila Phoebus

June 24, 2013

After the Clouds – the Sun.

I didn’t know until today that this was the motto of the City of Hartford.  It is a fitting comment on the weather here – we have had many days of rain and it hasn’t felt like summer.  The clouds finally cleared out before the weekend, and we had some beautiful weather.  So the combination of a little free time and this great weather gave me a couple of opportunities for some photo excursions this weekend.  As time allows, I will be posting comments and pictures from both.

These shots are from the Hartford City Hall, which I happened to pass by on the way to my destination.  I should have gotten some more exterior shots – it is a beautiful building dating back to 1915, and on the National Register of Historic Places (both according to this site).

Front Door at Hartford City Hall

Front Door at Hartford City Hall
LR with Topaz Detail

Fountain at Hartford City Hall

Fountain at Hartford City Hall
LR with Topaz Detail


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  1. Julie permalink

    Hi Andy – These are wonderful images. I love the fountain especially; it looks like something one would find in a European city. I also really like how you linked to your Flickr photos for this post. It gives such a nice big photo when clicked on and I think the details are much more easily seen than in most WordPress postings. I’m going to have to look into doing that on my blog.


    • Thanks Julie!
      To put the images in from Flickr, I had to select the HTML code and past it into WordPress. Once it is pasted in, you can edit the image like any image you load into WordPress.


      • Julie permalink

        Thanks for the info. I’ve had a relatively unused Flickr account for a long time and have been thinking of resurrecting it. I think I’m one of the few people who likes the new Flickr interface. 😉


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